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Wonder Wiener

Polish sausage with Seattle-style onions and cream cheese


Queen City Brat

Horrmann Meat's handmade bratwurst, cream cheese and sauerkraut 


Blake's Bodacious Jam

Garlic, mozarrella chicken sausage with cream cheese and tomato jam


Sinclair Sausage

Spinach, asiago chicken sausage, pesto and sweet onion jam

Chunk's Pineapple Paradise

Jalepeno cheddar brat, sweet heat cream cheese and pineapple relish



Peanut butter, bacon and maple syrup sausage with maple syrup cream cheese



100% all beef hotdog with cream cheese, catsup and mustard


Bourbon Bacon Booyah

Bacon & pepperjack brat with cream cheese and bourbon bacon jam

Wonder Wieners Gear!

Get your favorite Wonder Wieners gear. Tshirts, hoodies, hats, beanies, we've even got stuff for the kiddos!

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