Our Story

Wonder Wieners™ is the brainchild of original founder Cory Eden, who has a passion for creating delicious Seattle-style hot dogs and sausages.

Growing up in Seattle, where hot dogs are traditionally served on a bun slathered with cream cheese and topped with grilled onions, Eden was inspired to bring this iconic flavor to Springfield, Missouri. In 2001, he introduced his Seattle-style hot dogs through a food cart. His creations quickly developed a passionate following, thanks in part to his infectious enthusiasm and friendly personality.

Wonder Wieners prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients, reflecting Eden's love for his craft and community. This commitment shines through in every aspect of the business, from radio appearances to catering events at Missouri State University Homecoming.

At Wonder Wieners, customers can choose from eight distinctive wieners. Options range from jalapeño-cheddar brats and Polish sausages to chicken sausage stuffed with garlic and mozzarella, and even combinations featuring peanut butter, bacon, and maple syrup.

The selection of toppings is just as varied, including homemade tomato jams, onion jams, relishes, and cream cheeses.

Customers have the option to select one of Wonder Wieners’ eight classic creations or build their own unique hot dog.

Catering to a new generation with fun, inventive hot dogs, Wonder Wieners also supports the late-night crowd. Beyond our storefront, we offer delivery and catering services for various events and gatherings.

One bite, and it's easy to see why Wonder Wieners has won the hearts of hot dog lovers across the country. 🌭 🤙